Millennia Research is a firm providing professional consulting services in the fields of archaeology, ethnology, traditional use, aboriginal forest use and history.

The full time staff at Millennia are experienced in a variety of archaeological excavation and laboratory techniques, ethnographic interviewing, and have worked in many locations throughout Canada and other countries around the world.

In addition, Millennia Research regularly employs specialists such as ethnobotanists, ethnographers, and zooarchaeologists. Millennia Research has extensive experience in archaeological assessment, and in the management of heritage resources from a land-use perspective.

Staff Members:

Morley Eldridge MA, RPCA, President of Millennia Research. Morley has conducted archaeological research in western Canada and abroad since 1969. Morley received his BA at the University of British Columbia, and his MA at the University of Victoria. He has subsequently pioneered research associated with archaeological potential modelling, CMT and wet site recording and reporting, and resource management procedures. He was the President of the BC Association of Professional Consulting Archaeologists (BCAPCA) in 2000-2001. Morley was a content advisor for the Resource Inventory Committee (RIC) Archaeological Inventory curriculum development and was asked to develop criteria for assessing the significance of CMTs for the Vancouver Forest Region because of his CMT expertise. He has been a member of the BC Science Council volunteer committee. Morley strives for a high professional standard of work, providing guidance and direction to Millennia Research’s project directors, reviewing final reports and directing dendrochronology analysis. He takes time from administrative duties to take part in fieldwork several times a year, recognising that this keeps him in touch with basic archaeological issues. Morley’s particular interest is in site potential modelling and wet sites and other locations with preserved organic artifacts such as basketry.
D’Ann Owens, BA (Hons), RPCA, Archaeologist and Project Co-ordinator for Millennia Research. As Project Co-ordinator, D’Ann works to ensure that project directors have the equipment and staff necessary to meet project requirements and milestones. As a Senior Archaeologist, D’Ann has intensive archaeological experience participating in and directing large scale archaeological projects since 1994. D’Ann’s archaeology degree from Simon Fraser University emphasized ethnoarchaeology and anthropological practice, and she has put her ethnographic skills to use in traditional use studies in the southern interior for the Cook’s Ferry and Lytton First nations, Lillooet (Lookout Point) and the Pavilion First Nation, on the midcoast for the Kitasoo Indian Band, and with the Kitkatla on the north coast. D’Ann also helped develop the curriculum for both the Heiltsuk CMT training programs and the RIC Archaeological Inventory and she is an approved course facilitator. In addition to her professional reporting, D’Ann has author credit in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.
Donna Eckert, Office manager. Donna has been with Millennia Research since 1995. Her Professional education is in business administration and bookkeeping, and she has previous experience in the legal, service, and high tech sectors.





Roger Eldridge, BA, RPCA, Archaeologist. Roger is an archaeologist with Millennia Research Limited and has been working in archaeology and cultural heritage in BC since 2003.  Roger is a Permit Holder and Field Director in the Coastal and Subarctic/Boreal Forest regions, and a member of the British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA). Roger has broad experience in inventory and impact assessments, mitigative data recovery, and laboratory analysis and quality report writing. His knowledge of lithic technology is a valuable asset during in-field site identification and post-field analysis. His research interests include caches, Paleoindian lithic technologies and patterns of landscape use, and raw material procurement. As project lead on several ongoing projects in northeast BC, Roger actively engages and liaises with stakeholders including First Nations communities and governance, and excels at planning and leading safe, effective, results-based field programs. Roger is proficient in operating UTVS, ATVs, boats, trailers, generators and pumps and when working in remote areas is always ready to help plug a tire, rewire a trailer or replace a burned bearing or two.
Andrew Eckert, BA, Archaeologist. Andrew has been employed by Millennia Research Ltd since 2007. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Anthropology (double major) from the University of Victoria in 2012. He has extensive experience in the subarctic/boreal forest and northwest coast regions of British Columbia, and is a provincially approved field director in the subarctic/boreal forest region. Andrew has experience in a variety of archaeological field methods including survey, impact assessment, and excavation. In addition to extensive fieldwork, his activities at Millennia include GIS based project planning, post-processing field data, mapping, report writing, and laboratory analysis. Andrew’s geography background combines well with his archaeological interest areas of geoarchaeology, landscape archaeology, and paleoecology. Additionally, Andrew brings his skills in photography to produce high-quality artifact illustrations and site photographs.

Sarah Kessick, MSc, Archaeologist and GIS Technician. Sarah has been employed full-time as an Archaeologist at Millennia Research since 2012. She has specialized in Arctic and Subarctic archaeology, and GIS  throughout her 18 year career in Canada and Alaska. Since completing her BA in Anthropology and MSc degree in Archaeological Computing, Sarah has been a Permit Holder and Field Director for Archaeological Impact Assessments and Traditional Land Use Monitoring projects in North East British Columbia and Alberta and has lead projects in the coastal and interior regions of Alaska. Sarah’s skills include: archaeological survey and excavation; GIS spatial analysis using vector and high resolution raster data (LiDAR); GIS suitability modelling, terrain analysis, landscape and economic analysis as it pertains to archaeology; ESRI and open-sourced GIS platforms; cartography; survey and mapping grade GPS operation and data collection; spatial and attribute data management; database management systems; and report production. Sarah has an unfaltering interest in exploring patterns of archaeological datasets, using advanced spatial technologies, within a landscape archaeology framework.
Erin WillowsErin Willows, BA, RPCA, Archaeologist. Erin has worked as a professional archaeologist in BC for 15 years.  She is a permit holder and Field Director in good standing throughout BC through the Archaeology Branch.  She has completed over 100 provincially regulated archaeological assessments in Northwest Coast, Interior Plateau, Sub-Arctic/Boreal Forest regions of BC including archaeological impact assessments, overview assessments, investigations, human remains salvage, excavations and archaeological monitoring.  Her skill set is diverse with areas of expertise in archaeological excavation, survey, cultural liaising, human osteology, ethnography, traditional use/traditional ecological knowledge studies, project management, permit application and proposal writing. Internationally, she has successfully completed the excavation and analysis of human remains at various stages of mummification; and the analysis of mortuary practices at PV 74-19 located in the Acarí Valley of Peru. Erin spent February of 2015 in Guatemala working with individuals affected by human rights violations in an applied capacity to impart how inter/multidisciplinary fields collaborate in the investigation of human rights violations, as well as in the process of the exhumation, recovery and analysis of mass graves, and transitional justice. Erin is an active volunteer in the community working with local NGOs on environmental stewardship education & outreach programs.
 Thea Sawin, BA, Archaeologist. Thea has been employed as an archaeologist at Millennia Research Limited full-time since 2016. She specializes in human osteology and mortuary archaeology, working closely with human remains in various laboratory and field contexts. Her research interests include health, diet, obstetrics, human variation, and burial practices. Thea completed her BA with distinction and has since been working on her Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded MA at the University of Victoria. Thea’s skills include the identification of human remains in disturbed contexts, excavation and data recovery of human remains, metric and non-metric analyses of human remains, pathological analysis, statistical analysis, database management, desk-based research, and report production.
Graham Bowles, BA, Archaeologist. Since completing his double major BA in 2012, Graham has contributed to cultural heritage and archaeological impact assessment projects through field work, research and report writing and artifact analysis. Graham has been employed as an archaeologist with Millennia Research Limited full-time since February 2017. Prior to joining Millennia research, Graham worked as an archaeologist at Golder Associates, where he developed his skill-set working with clients and First Nations. He quickly excelled in his position and his responsibilities expanded to include training new employees and taking on crew lead positions. He has worked in a variety of archaeological contexts ranging from urban infrastructure to remote wilderness. Graham is a member in good standing with both the British Columbia Association of Professional Archaeologists (BCAPA) and the Archaeology Society of BC. Recently, Graham has worked as a Project Director with Millennia Research in Victoria, BC. His experience conducting archaeological surveys and excavations, office based research and reporting, rapport building with stakeholders, and artifacts analysis have all been invaluable additions to the Millennia Research team.
 Sally Bowman, BA, Archaeologist. Sally has been employed full-time as an archaeologist with Millennia Research Limited since January 2017. She earned her BA in Anthropology at the University of Victoria in 2014 where she completed an archaeological Field School in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Following graduation, Sally has since worked as an archaeologist in both Manitoba and British Columbia. Currently, she is a member in good standing with the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists. Since being employed with Millennia, Sally has had the opportunity to work as a Project Director on numerous projects on the Northwest Coast and as a Supervisor in the Interior Plateau. She has gained experience working in a variety of archaeological site types including: shell midden, burial, wet-sites, lithic, CMT, and historical era sites. She has field experience supervising archaeological overview assessments (AOAs), archaeological impact assessments (AIAs), data recovery and site alterations. In addition to field work, Sally is also competent in project management and maintains a high level of professionalism while communicating with clients, First Nation liaisons, and coworkers. She has authored several permit reports which have been accepted by the BC Archaeology Branch. Outside of work, Sally is actively involved in her community, volunteering with a local environmental organization and regularly attends lectures presented by the Archaeology Society of BC (ASBC). 
Andrew Watson, BA, MPhil, Archaeologist. Andrew is an Archaeologist at Millennia Research Limited who brings a diverse perspective to his work. He has worked extensively in Europe conducting surveys and excavation from southern Italy to Eastern German to the Austrian Alps. Highlights include three seasons excavating the Roman city of Grumentum in the Val d’ Agri in Basilicata, Italy, conducting an archaeological survey the Val Senales in Alto Adige Italy, the findspot of Oetzi, the Iceman, and studying the impacts of WW2 bombing at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Sachsen Anhalt, Germany. Other experience includes the excavation of Upper Paleolithic-Mesolithic cave/rock shelter sites in Croatia, Neolithic and Celtic villages in Austria, and surveying numerous Bronze Age to Medieval sites in the Alps of Austria and Northern Italy. He has travelled extensively for archaeology visiting the Minoan palaces of Crete, the Phoenician settlements of Ibiza, Hadrian’s Wall in England, and the Sigatoka Sand dunes in Fiji.  In British Columbia he has worked in the interior surveying pit house village sites associated with the Classic Lillooet culture at Keatley and McKay Creek, and doing cut block surveying in the Babine. In addition to his archaeological experience he has worked in both the mining industry and oil and gas, rising to Vice President of Sego Resources Inc in the former. Holding a degree in archaeology with a specialization in geology from Simon Fraser University, and an Mphil from Cambridge he specializes in lithics and landscape evolution. He has worked with Millennia since 2017 gaining an in depth understanding of the archaeology of the Northwest Coast. He has been published in Antiquity, Geobit and the BC Geological Survey, and presented a poster on the Classic Lillooet at the SAA’s in Sacramento in 2011.
Neala Griffin, BA, Advanced Diploma GIS  Neala has been part of the team at Millennia Research Ltd. since the fall of 2020.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Mary’s University and an Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems for Business from Center of Geographic Sciences.  Her diverse range of work experience has included archaeology, environmental consulting, enhanced 911 mapping and for the greater part of her career she worked an Instructional Assistant for a post diploma GIS program at the College of the North Atlantic. Neala enjoys a collaborative approach to spatial data management and analysis and loves the finer details of cartography.


Kate McAnally, PhD GIS Group Lead Kate uses digital photogrammetry, 3D reconstruction, virtual reality, and geophysical prospection tools, to better enable the pursuit of both, theoretical questions, and methodological applications. Past projects have included: the discovery of agricultural terraces from lidar data in the Tucson desert, aerial survey of the excavation and virtual reconstruction of a 16th century tower house in Ireland as well as  geophysics at the Skriduklaustur monastic site in Iceland. Kate joined Millennia Research during the summer of 2020 after 10 years in the UK teaching at Nottingham Trent University, working with flood data at the Environment Agency and solving the problem of how to derive  real time  velocities of flood water from sequential aerial images. Kate loves maps and believes, as does Mark Jenkins that  “Maps encourage boldness. They’re like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible.”