Kaien Siding/Ya asqalu’i Prince Rupert Report Completion

Posted on Jan 21, 2015 in What's New

Archaeological Investigations at Ya asqualu'i/Kaien Siding, Prince Rupert Harbour
We are ecstatic – if that is possible still after such a marathon of effort and concentration – to announce that the Kaien Siding/Ya asqalu’i Archaeological Project Report has been completed and reviewed and is now ready for distribution. A few hardcopies have been printed and are on their way  to the must-haves.  We are confident most people will prefer the pdf version. There is a main report and a number of appendices that include a catalogue and all the specialized studies, including the comprehensive faunal analysis by Dr. Susan Crockford.

As well as the conventional report, there are 3-D model files of select artifacts and high resolution photos of the artifacts.  The main geodatabase of all spatial data, including such things as the faunal remains. is available on request. All data is copyrighted.  Please ask permission to use any of this.

A small “Read This Metadata” file explains the different files and directories.

A compressed version of the report can be downloaded here. If you would like to receive a full version of the report, please contact us.

We hope that this becomes a substantive contribution to the archaeology of the Northwest Coast.  Thanks to the many that helped make it possible and contributed in a large or small way!


  1. Can I access the report from a Mac ? If so how?

  2. George and other Mac users. Apparently Mac OS “Finder” has built-in FTP protocols, like Windows Explorer.
    Here’s an FTP with Mac OSX tutorial:


    Otherwise there are free FTP applications available for OSX.

  3. Hi Morley: I connected to your server (KaienArchaeology@millenia-hq.ca), I can see it as a Shared device on my Mac, but I don’t see any files in it.

  4. I have tried to download via FTP whith no luck using Microsoft Explorer. Is it still available?

  5. I am unable to access the report via ftp and windows explorer. I get an error message

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