Archaeology Awareness Tailgate Talks

Millennia Research offers archaeological awareness training, which includes our popular archaeology awareness tailgate talk.  This is an informal meeting lasting about 15 minutes to acquaint contractors and/or other workers with the possibility of finding archaeological materials in the course of their work, and what to do if they think they have found an archaeological site.

The talk begins by giving a brief background of what archaeology is and what types of archaeological sites could be encountered in a particular area. The legislation that protects archaeological sites is also discussed.

Tailgate Talks

Samples of different types of archaeological materials are shown as examples (fire-cracked rock, shell midden, faunal material, lithic debitage) and a series of photographs is shown to illustrate the site types that might be expected.

What to do and what not to do if a site is encountered is discussed and any questions the participants might have are addressed.

Awareness training for employees can fulfill a significant portion of due diligence for major developers.

Millennia also offers other workshops and training sessions. Please contact us for more information.