About Us

Millennia Research Limited specialises in archaeological and ethnographic consulting. Since 1984, the firm has provided professional expertise to governments at all levels including First Nations, and to forest and oil sector companies, smaller companies, developers, and municipalities.

Millennia Research Limited is committed to explaining legislation to clients as well as increasing mutual understanding of the Heritage Conservation Act among First Nations, government, and the private sector.

Millennia uses innovative techniques and approaches to preserve archaeological sites and the archaeological record in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Mission Statement

Millennia Research Limited is committed to providing high quality services and products in the areas of Archaeological Inventory Assessments, Archaeological Overview Assessments, culturally modified tree and wet site studies, curriculum development and implementation, and public education. We seek to provide our employees with continuing training, professional development, and employment opportunities in a safe, flexible, edifying work environment.

To accomplish these objectives, Millennia Research Limited seeks to provide challenging opportunities for employees to learn new skills and refine existing abilities, to develop long-term working relationships with clients and First Nations, to provide opportunities for meaningful First Nation participation in archaeological projects, to generate products which contribute to our understanding of the past, and to share this information as freely as possible with concerned individuals and organizations.