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Harpoons – Some Exciting Insights!

Now that we’ve finished defining the areas of the sites that make sense to compare (3D archaeology) and temporal components, we are ready to do some 4D archaeology, adding in the time elements.  Some really cool patterns are starting to come out of the data.

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Stone Miniature Chisels

Another new artifact type from the Kaien Siding project is what we have called the miniature stone chisel. Three exceptionally small, finely finished green stone and possibly basalt chisels were recovered from GbTo-54. These are highly polished on all surfaces and taper toward the distal tip.

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3D archaeological data visualization

While videos of  a GIS 3D screen are the way we’ve shown the data  till now, it allows for no user control other than pausing and rewinding. Alyssa has found a way to present the data in an interactive way using ArcGIS CityEngine WebViewer.

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Selecting Radiocarbon Samples Using NEW 3D Method!

When it comes to radiocarbon sampling on large scale excavations, sometimes selecting which samples will be the most valuable to your research can be a time consuming and tedious task.

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