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Barbed Slate Harpoons

Today’s second installment of harpoons includes one of the most remarkable and unique artifacts ever recovered on the Northwest Coast; at least we at Millennia think so!

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Drilled Line Hole Harpoons

Today’s showcase items are unilaterally barbed harpoon points with drilled line perforations from the Prince Rupert Harbour sites of GbTo-13 and 54. We’ve found a plugin that allows you to zoom in on the full resolution photo – click on the image and try it! We think these are some of the clearest artifact illustrations you’ll find anywhere. Great work, Andrew Eckert!

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“Foam Finger” Awls

We’ll start posting new results from lab work and eye candy artifact photos here every few days; we’ll do a mix of microscope and standard photos (the latter are Andrew Eckert’s superlative work), 3D scans of artifacts (Gordon Dudoward’s great work) and 3D GIS work by Alyssa Parker displaying feature and artifact distributions.

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